Celebration & banquets


Corporate events, creative lunch and dinner with friends or colleagues, team building events, brainstorming or success celebration party - we organize different types of banquets with hot meals or appetizers. Number of guests - up to 50

Wedding banquets

If you want to celebrate your special day in creative, peaceful, cozy, bohemian, solemnly charming, inspiring and artistic environment in the city center - DAD cafe will be the right choice. Especially suitable for celebrations in small companies, among closest friends. We also offer cooperation with talented musicians for your special day mood: harp or cello dreamy sounds, intellectual jazz, excellent voices, light background music or fun, dancing tunes. Will create also a bohemian wedding site and a table on the seashore in Kurzeme or at any your chosen location.

Birthday celebration

Exquisite delicacies, peaceful, artistic, inspiring and comfortable environment, candles, flowers and you! Celebration of Life is our specialty since the ground up, so if you want to hold the existence celebration for yourself or a surprise party for a particularly close and beloved friend DAD cafe is the right choice.

Children's parties

Balloons, attractions, treats and cheerfulness - all for you and for your little celebrator!